Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catawba Gamers August 2011 part 2

Welcome to the final instalment of the battle report from the August 2011 Catawba gamers monthly game. The game was Chassepot and Needlegun and played at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne in Cornelius, North Carolina.

The Prussian Guards take refuge in the ruins on the French left as the Infantry and mitrailleuse pour a withering fire into them.

The 8th Chasseurs charge out of the cornfield, While the 69th hold.

The French right turns into a giant swirling cavalry melee.

The French take the worst of it and fleeing units cause a withdrawal of several other units.

The French form up to retake Vionville.

The 69th infantry move up to cover the 8th Chaseurs flank.

The Prussian Guards abandon Vionville and their impending doom but charge the flank of the 69th infantry.

The 8th Chasseurs break the Prussians and several units end up being removed because of being below fifty percent and failing their leadership roll. The Prussian Guards fail to close on the 69th, starting a continuing trend. this leaves the 8th Chasseurs expose and they take many losses from the subsequent Prussian shooting.

Another regiment of Prussian Guards charge the French Mitrailleuse.

Plagued by failed leadership rolls the French Guards now are able to catch up and deploy in the French center. A Guards regiment Charges in to help the French lancers.

The French Mitrailleuse open op on their attackers as they charge in.

All six shots hit and cause the Prussian Guards to halt.

The 69th Infantry suffer from a failed leadership roll and stand in the open, exposed. The Prussian Guards charge them again but once again fail to close.

Vionville reoccupied by french forces the 69th Infantry move back into the cornfield and prepare to sell their lives dearly.

The French force the Guards to withdraw under a murderous crossfire.

The Guards turn and charge the 69th again. They fail to close for a third time.

The Prussians charge out to try and break the French line and are halted by fire.

The survivors of the 8th Chasseurs a Pied withdraw, unbroken, with their colors held high.

Another regiment of French Guards charge in to help the French light Cavalry against the Bavarians.

The French Lancers and Guards break the Bavarian Cavalry.

They overrun into the Bavarian Infantry.

Who they also rout.

The other two regiments from the French Guards brigade charge the Prussian cavalry.

The Guards force the Prussian cavalry to withdraw.

End Game. The Guards prepare to charge the Prussian cavalry when the game is called.

There was much debate about the games outcome. We finally agreed that the French players performed better than the historical result and left it at that. I had a great time and look forward to the next game. There was some debate about the Prussians having to roll to close into close combat while the French closed automatically. The rule did make a big difference in my part of the game and cost the Prussian side. The flip side is that the French have a worse leadership and this many of our units standing in the breeze at very bad times. I would call them both part of the rules that add flavor to the game.

I would like to thank Chuckaroo for running the game and Matt at PBKW for letting us use monopolize a good bit of his gaming area for the ten hours or so we played.


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Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, yeah, I was impressed that nearly every one was willing and able to play for such a long time, pretty much all afternoon and late into the night. I hope everybody had fun! I'm going to have to get serious about terrain in the future, that table looked rather sparce! C'ya, Charles