Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mystery of Anthropophagus Archipelago Part I

In the South China Sea lies the mist shrouded inhospitable islands of the Anthropophagus Archipelago or more commonly known as the Cannibal coast. The largest island of the chain is the foreboding Knee-Cap Island, where few have ventured and less returned, whole of body or mind. The dangerous waters that surround the islands hold many secrets and serve as the watery grave of the unwary, but there are many legends that draw the intrepid and desperate to seek out the island's secrets and possibly hidden riches.

Many ships ply the waves near the island but most keep their distance from the strong currents, unusual tides, uncharted reefs and unmarked shoals. The ships known lost in the waters are greatly out numbered by the ships that sailed into the Cannibal Coast and never returned. Most ships lost are with all hands but one had a survivor. Fished out of the sea by Malay fishermen he told a strange story before he died. He spoke of his ship making passage into a hidden bay on one of the many uncharted islands in the archipelago. They were met by a group of red robed men who supervised the unloading of the ship's cargo. Once unloaded the Captain ordered the crew back aboard and quickly headed back out to sea. Once past the breakers and with the island growing smaller behind them A strange shrill screaming noise was heard. Looking back toward the island he saw a silver airship of some kind. It flew over the ship barely clearing the top of the masts. All the crew rushed up to see the flying machine as it stayed low to the water and banked back around coming toward the ship. He saw the flashes and knew it was shooting at them. The man hid as the silver airship made strafing run after strafing run until the boilers blew and he was thrown over board. When he regained consciousness the sun had gone down but he could see lights and hear rifle fire, a powerboat full of the Red robed men had a searchlight and were shooting any survivor they could find. Better to take his chances with the sea so he let the current carry him further out to sea. He didn't know how long he floated but in his delirium he did remember one fact and that was the coordinates of the island. The Malay Captain knew this information was worth money and headed back into port. There he searched out an information broker who paid well for the coordinates.

In little time this information made it to the International Man of Mystery Prospector Bob. Reaching out, Bob contacted Freddy Roosevelt and asked if he could investigate the strange island. Ready for anything, Freddy rounded up a detachment of his Roughriders and chartered a tramp steamer to head into the Cannibal Coast.

Unknown to Prospector Bob, the same information also made it to Major Von Kraken currently advisor to Chinese Warlord, General Cho. The Major quickly organized a detachment of troops and placed it in the capable hands of Lieutenant Xing. Commandeering a junk they also headed into the unknown Cannibal Coast.

The Warlord's Troops land and are lead into the hinterland of the Island by Lieutenant Xing.

High a top skull ridge the mercenary Skull surveys the valley.

The Red Robed men at their morning formation, unaware that intruders are on the island.

The Silver flyer on its launch pad with the ion power station in the background.

Freddy Roosevelt's Roughriders pose for a quick picture before the advance.

The Roughriders advance into the woods. Sneaking to avoid the Red Robed sentries.

The Chinese break into battle line and advance from the other side of the base.

Skull adjusts the engine of the silver flyer, unaware of the impending menace.

The Roughriders manhandle their Gatling guns onto some rocks. They hold their fire, not wanting to alert the sentries before the rest of the Roughriders get into position.

The Chinese infantry maneuver into the woods but,

Are spotted by a Red Robed Sentry. He shoots and raises the alarm.

Once the alarm goes of the Roughriders drop the sentry on top of their command bunker.

The Chinese infantry return fire and drop the other Red Robed sentry.

The Chinese maxim crew and full strength infantry squad move up behind cover.

The Roughriders sneak to the edge of the woods while Red Robe troops pile out of the command bunker.

Unfortunately one of the cultists has a FLAMETHROWER!! and lights up the Roughriders day with a little hot flaming napalm death.

On the other side another Red Robed trooper with a flamethrower takes a bad hit from a Chinese rifleman and his fuel pack explodes.

Skull Joins the fight and shoots down a Warlord soldier.

Breaking cover and making a run for the Flyer A Chinese half squad is gunned down by the Roughrider Gatling gun leaving a lone Corporal survivor. He makes the guts check and decides he didn't really like the rest of those privates, they only slowed him down.

More Red Robed troops surround the command bunker and prepare to sell their lives dearly.

This game was played at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures on 4Sept2011 using the Disposable Heroes rules. ChuckarooBob ran the Roughriders, while I ran the Chinese. The Red Robed troops and skull were ran with a random system we made up on the fly.

Return tomorrow for the conclusion in Part II


Michael Awdry said...

Great looking game there Colonel, I love the mixed units and craziness going on. Top stuff.

ColKillgore said...

It was an impromptu game, with most of the craziness made up on the fly. I wanted a third party in the game to show that there are more factions in the Prospector Bob Pulp universe than Prospector Bob and his enemies. The game conclusion will post up tomorrow morning.


Impcommander said...

Ah, delicious wacky goodness. Loved it.