Friday, September 16, 2011

Ogre Kingdom Hunter Conversion

I have been adding to one of my Ogre Kingdom Hunter conversions. I had redid the models spear and turned it into a naginata styled halberd. I also wanted to add a oriental style bow based on a Japanese style Daikyu bow.

I drilled the hand and used a paper clip for the armature, then I added basic layer of greenstuff. I am still thinking on what I want for the final styling but I like the start.

The Naginata was just glued to the hand so I broke it off. I drilled the hand and shortened the long end of the shaft. Then pinned both sections back to the hand and touched the gap up with a little greenstuff. The Naginata is shorter now, a little more playable and more durable for the tabletop.

I decided to add a quiver for the Hunter's harpoons. After mocking up a couple different designs I went with an ogre sized box quiver holding two harpoon arrows. I roughed out the sides and then cut a center piece for the inside. I drilled two holes and then looped a piece of wire through it. The two ends of the wire will secure the harpoon arrows.

I used some 1/32 inch styrene tube for the arrows and scrap styrene sheet to make the fletchings.

I filled in the hollow part of the quiver with plastic contour putty then glued on a cover plate. I used some greenstuff to fill the gaps on the edges but still have more to do. I filled the end of the arrows with greenstuff and then sculpted some details onto the fletchings. Lastly I drilled some indentions in the front plate where I plan to sculpt some more detail later.

Here is a shot of the quiver tacked into place. I still need to add more detail.

A front shot of the hunter. I broke off the gut plate and will add a more stylish one later. I can see that it might have some problems on the table. The bow, arrows and spear all poke out a good way from the model and may get in the way when he charges into combat. I will worry about it more when I finish it and get it on the table.



Chuckaroobob said...

Scott, if you want this guy to look like your picture on the top left corner, you're going to have to give him a lot more style, charm, chutzpah, and pizzaz! It's looking fab nonetheless!

Colonel O'Truth said...

Looking pretty cool! Nice work, dude!

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I like the way it is going. It is still a work in progres, especially the bow. It is going to take a while to finish but I have a plan to work on the bow in stages and not get excited (like normal) and try and finish it in one go.

@Chuckaroo, trying the match the original will justleave a poor copy.