Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mystery of Anthropophagus Archipelago Part II

We return to the Cannibal Coast as the Battle rages. When we left "Ready" Freddy Roosevelt and his Roughriders, Lieutenant Xing and his Chinese soldiers and the mercenary Skull's Red Robed Cultists were fighting a three way battle over a strange Silver Flyer.

After shooting down several Chinese Skull takes a bullet in the eye and goes down.

Lieutenant Xing holds his smoking Broomhandle after dropping Skull with a well placed shot.

Two Red Robed troops charge out to take the fight to the Chinese.

And are cut down in the Chinese crossfire.

The Maxim team is gunned down, losing the machine gun duel with the Roughrider Gatling gun.

The Chinese squad close assaults the command bunker, destroying it.

Leading from the front Lieutenant Xing charges toward the flyer and he and his command squad are cut down by the Roughrider skulking in the woods.

The Roughriders break cover and close assault the surviving Red Robes, cutting them down.

The Chinese infantry mount the landing pad and try to start the Flyer.

The Roughriders hide in the ruined bunker and fire on the Chinese. Killing two and leaving another lone corporal.

The lone Corporal moves onto the landing pad and tries to start the flyer.

The Roughriders and Chinese exchange fire with the Chinese taking the worst of it, leaving them pinned beside the flyer.

Not wanting to damage the flyer the Roughriders break cover again and give the Chinese troops some cold steel, but the Lone Corporal tries to start the flyer again and fails.

The Roughriders gain the landing pad put can't stop the Lone Corporal.

Ready Freddy and his Roughriders mount the landing pad and prepare to run the Corporal out.

With no officer around to stop them the surviving Chinese troops fire up the RoughRiders and destroy the Flyer.

All the Roughriders are killed in the explosion but Ready Freddy and the Lone Corporal survive facing each other through the smoke.

The Corporal runs back towards his own troops and Freddy turns to run but is shot in the back.

The surviving Chinese leave the field to the Roughriders, what little there is left.

As the Chinese run and the Roughriders withdraw something stirs in the smoke and Skull walks into the wilderness.

This game was played at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures on 4 Sept 2011 using the Disposable Heroes rule set. the game was around a five hundred point game with Chuckaroo fielding his Roughriders based on the Riff War French list and me using the Chinese infantry platoon from Red Sun, Red Death.

Chuckaroo's List consisted of A command section, two rifle squads each with two submachine guns and a Heavymachine gun with two extra loaders. My List consisted of the command squad with one submachine gun, two rifle squads with a sub machine gun and a light machine gun, one rifle squad with explosives, a submachine gun and a light machine gun and a heavy machine gun team. I split the first two rifle squads into half sections and kept the explosives squad together and ended up using it to destroy the command bunker.

We wanted a pulp game so we added in the Red Robed cultists and Skull. The Cultists started with two sentries on the board. We had a system to decide what they needed to spot our troops but I rolled a one and raised the alarm early on so it didn't really matter. Once troops started coming out of the bunker we rolled a die to see if they came out and if they did a D6 for how many came out. then randomised their equipment from the models not on the board. Then a dice for which side they came out of and diced for how far they moved. We also decided that the Cultists would keep coming out until the bunker was destroyed. Writing it down, it sounds complicated but it actually plays rather quick.

We decided skull was a heavy and could take some punishment. So any shot that hit him had its AP halved. Lieutenant Xing got lucky and rolled a one on the first hit and put him down.

Last was the flyer. Both sides wanted it. We decided that a model in base contact could try to start the flyer instead of shooting. It would take a roll of a one to do it but we never had a success. The other rule was if anyone shot at a unit near the plane any misses would have a chance to damage it. I shot at the roughriders allot and missed most of them but did hit the flyer really good.

I had a really good time playing and look forward to the next installment.

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