Friday, September 2, 2011

Azazel and other Daemon Prince Wip 2

I have been working on the Daemon Princes and took some progress pictures.

I have added a little more detail to the Azazel daemon prince's thigh.

Here is the front view. I have bulked out the thigh a bit and started adding some scales to match the other leg. One difference is that the replacement leg from the oop steed of Slaanesh is allot thinner than Azazel's other leg. To tell the difference you have to know what you are looking at but I think they are close enough for a warped creation of Chaos. I may go back and bulk up the calf but not till I finish the thigh first.

Here is a back view of Azazel's thigh. I added more muscular detail and still need to add some more scales to the upper thigh. It is a little thinner than the thigh on the other leg but still more proportional to the lower leg.

Here is the front view of the other Daemon Prince's neck. I have bulked up the neck muscles some more but still need to adda bit before I am finished.

Here is the back of the Daemon prince's head. I am still working on blending the skull back into the neck, while building more detail to the neck musculature.

The other side of the neck. It still has a big gap that I need to fill in to make the throat a seamless transition from the torso to the head.

I am slowly working on them a little greenstuff at a time. It is going to take me a while but I will get them done eventually.


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