Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ogre Kingdom Conversions

With all the hype about the new Ogre Kingdom book, like many others, I have pulled out my old Ogre Kingdom models and done a little wish listing. The last time I played the army was in 2008 for a Warhammer Fantasy League at the now defunct Castle game store in Greensboro North Carolina. The army had its beginnings way back in the day in my Dogs of War army as a unit of Golfag's Maneaters. When the Ogre kingdoms army was first released I bought in and picked up enough for a small army. One perk of being close to the only Games Workshop store in North Carolina (it was in Concord and of course, has been closed for many years now) was a free ogre to build and use for an in store event. The event was an Ogre Pit Fight.

Here is the model I built. They had a list of options and I picked an iron fist and Cathayan long sword. In hindsight, I found that the two options could not be used together in the army book but I went on to field it as a maneater with a Cathayan longsword. I made the longsword out of greenstuff and resculpted the shoulder to get the pose. The gnobler is actually an old goblin spearmen and the sashimono was made from plastic rod and a dark elf flag. This was my original plastic ogre and would influence me later when I came back to the army.

I added more parts to the army mostly by buying secondhand and Ebay. The model below I received in a lot from Thom Foster, a local gamer, that headed west for greener pastures.

The model originally was a much different, incomplete hunter conversion. I really liked the oriental theme of the model with the straw hat and the tengu geta shoes. I also liked the cannon ball bolo hanging down. I ended up breaking the model apart and redoing much of the conversion. I resculpted the arm holding the bolo, the feet, the back end of the harpoon launcher, the helmet and added a chest plate.

Here is a side shot showing the harpoon launcher from the original hunter model. I made a wire armature and extended the harpoon launcher with greenstuff then used another piece of wire to form the trigger.

Here is a closer look at the tengu geta. They are made from pop sickle sticks. Originally they were just glued to the feet but I added some greenstuff to make tabi socks and a braided strap.

A view from the back showing the strap for the breastplate and a chrysanthemum buckle I sculpted. I really like the way the chrysanthemum came out and plan to add more to the army eventually.

I have one of the Ninja maneater models and along with my original cathayan long sword armed
maneater I wanted a third one to field in a unit. So I built this one. I made the sword and tsuba from an ogre weapon hand and greenstuff. I greenstuffed the gut plate and added some symbols and a ogre sized sickle from the gw zombie kit.

A side view of the longsword and kama sickle.

Last is a hunter model with a converted naginata. This was another conversion started by Thom but I swapped the original weapon tip with a sword I had cut from a reaper figure and put in the bits box. He also had a large bow from a unknown source but I was thinking about sculpting an ogre sized daikyu bow. From what I hear about the hunter in the new book that may have to wait for another day.

I have yet to get the army book but still plan to pick up some new models when the hobby budget allows.



sonsoftaurus said...

With the Asian theme, you could even incorporate these guys with your Chinese Warlord troops for some interesting pulp action...

ColKillgore said...

That is a cool idea. Ogre daemons or roided up super soldiers both would work. I just need to get them painted.