Sunday, March 27, 2011

Escalation League Changes, Catachan

I have finalised a beginning 500 point list for the escalation league. I then made a list of the conversions i will have to do to field it using my Praetorians and despaired. Now I will be using my Catachans with some Adeptus Mechanicus back up for the league. I have been contemplating using the Witchunters codex but I couldn't get a decision from the league organizers whether I could use the old Zealot chapter approved rules from White Dwarf, so Imperial guard it is. I found my Catachans in storage and brought them back out into the light of day. Unlike a lot of people I like the Catachan models. at one time I had a regular Catachan army and a Catachan Ork Hunter army. As all things GW go they invalidated the Ork Hunter White Dwarf list and rolled the Catachan codex into the regular Imperial guard Codex. The bigger problem for me was I wanted to build an Adeptus Mechanicus army for a home brew codex by Tim Huckleberry of GW fame. The codex was in progress and some of the weapon options and upgrades would change so I needed the ability to be able to swap out the weapons on the models. This lead to me building my basic Ad Mech troopers. I thought about buying more figures to build the Ad Mech figure but instead raided my Catachan armies and used them as the basis, and all was good. In the fullness of time I wanted to break out the Catachans for some more games and found that I had retasked too many of them. I didn't have enough models to field a legal army. I picked some more up and brought them up to strength. Later my friend Patrick decided to sell his Catachans and I ended up buying a bunch of them. This added a ton of troops to my army but I am still a little light in heavy weapons and command models. I have a good selection of vehicles but lack many of the new vehicles in the Guard codex. It looks like I will be buying a few more things for the army. I have a tentative 2000 point list and need some new vehicles and bits to convert the models I want to field. Luckily heroes HQ is giving a League Discount. Now back to the hobby room to reorganize the Catachans and contemplate whether field three fifty model conscript squads on a thousand point army is theme or not. ColKG

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