Friday, March 4, 2011

Chinese Big Sword Platoon

I have started on the second platoon for my Chinese Warlord army. I am using the Disposable Heroes rules Pacific war supplement called Red Sun, Red Death to organize my units. The Big Sword platoon only has three fifteen man squads compared to the regular Chinese Rifle platoon's four squads. The difference is you can upgrade a Big Sword squad to have three submachineguns to the rifle platoons one and every model can be upgraded to have a Mauser Broom handle pistol. When you get in a tight spot, who doesn't like to have a bunch of fearless, broom handle shootin', sword swinging assault troops to make the enemy think twice.

The platoon in its unpainted glory. The sword and broom handle armed models are Copplestone dare to die troops. The submachine gunners are Copplestone assault troops. The rifle armed models are a recent addition to the army from Pulp miniatures. The German advisor light machine gunners to the right are Renegade WWI late war Germans with captured Lewis guns and the German Advisor is a German officer from the Copplestone German adventurer set.
I have had most of the figures for several years but plan to get them painted this year. I went back over them and removed several mold lines and touched up the base coat. I have many more submachine gun armed men than needed for the Big Sword unit. My reason for painting them is I need more smgs to use the guerrilla list in the book at some point in the future.

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