Monday, March 21, 2011

Praetorians for 40k Escalation League

The Lads at GameOnGw have started a Warhammer 40k Escalation League and I am debating about joining. If I play I will probably be playing Imperial guard and fielding my Praetorians. The league will help motivate me to get some painted and play some games before a new edition of 40k comes out. I have been collecting Praetorians for years but have yet to fully paint a single model. The best i have is a base coat on my Praetorian Lancer rough riders and some sentinels but they are far from painted. The added bonus is I will get them painted up to use in Victorian Science Fiction wargaming as The Queens Electric Rifles.

To Field the army I want, I will have to do a series of conversions. Some I have already done when I was redoing the army a year or two ago.

Here is my master Vox model. It is a regular trooper with a catachan voxcaster on his back with a bit added on from the bits box.
This is a better look at the simple conversion. I plan to use the Buglers as regular voxcasters.

This is a Junior officer with a power weapon and stormbolter. It is one of my favorite conversions that was nullified by the new codex. He and the others I converted to have stormbolters will end up with a weapon swap to at least a boltpistol, plasma pistol or maybe a bolter.

I received several standard bearers in a trade with broken banner poles. Most of them I converted into lancers but a couple I gave a laspistol so I could use them as sergeants. I plan to cut the banner pole from another one, add a laspistol and some belt packs to make them medics.

One failing of the Praetorian range was no Plasmagun model. I have several of the other three special weapons but wanted some plasma guns. I followed a tutorial from a forum and converted a couple plasmagunners from regular lasgunners and plasma pistols. I might have to convert up a few more depending on my army list.
I will probably add a few powerfists into the army and will have to convert them. I am not sure which models to base the conversions on but will probably need two or three. I am also debating adding some autocannons, with the carriages modeled with seven spoked wheels like Col. Gravis has on his.
Vehicle wise I have a good selection already with most of them painted. I am thinking about buying two of the new hellhound models to make into banewolves. I have a couple griffons from back in the day. I bought them on clearance to use for chimeras but never did. They might get their chance to see the table.
Still planning


Abby said...

Hi Cool Breeze, What's this k-rap about not enough plasma gunners? I'd say one is too many! We all know that MELTA guns are the way to true happiness. With plasma you're just begging for a one on D6, followed by a fireball.
Although I gotta say, a blast-from-the-past Pretorian army would be a thing of beauty! DO IT! Make me proud! C'ya, The Chuckster

ColKillgore said...

The League rules are putting a crimp on my usual army build so I may have to come up with a different ringer,ahem, I mean theme for my army.