Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chinese Rifle Platoon Finished

I have finally managed to finish painting a full platoon of Warlord era Chinese troops. I finished four fifteen man rifle squads, a five man command section with bonus standard bearer and five extra officers to lead the Big Sword platoon and the other Rifle Platoon (yet to be painted). So a good start to the year with seventy one finished models.

The Platoon in all their glory. The majority of them are Copplestone Back of Beyond figures with a leavening of Pulp miniatures Chinese to bring up the numbers.
A not so good picture of the Standard Bearer. The flag was given to me by Chuckaroobob and I credit it with motivating me to finish the platoon.

A better shot of the standard bearer. It is a Pulp miniature from their Japanese naval troops range. Apparently this one has hired on and impressed the Warlord enough to be given the Honor of carrying the General's standard.

The four converted light machine gunners. Bolt Action Partisan Light machine gunners with Adrian helmet heads from Empress miniatures. More mercenaries serving the Warlord.

A close up of a wounded gunner.

The rear of the kneeling gunner.

Another gunner.

The second kneeling gunner with spectacles. The flash really makes them glow.

The second standing gunner also with a head wound. To have helmet these boys get hit in the head alot.

Another shot of the assembled troops getting ready for the battlefield, once the glue dries on their static grass.
Only about another hundred Chinese to paint but I am optimistic.


Abby said...

Lookin' good! That flag is from "The Flag Dude," I can't recommend them enough. All these Warlord era dudes make me think I should start working on my French Foreign Legion inter war lads I picked up from Artizan! C'ya, Chuckaroobob

ColKillgore said...

I have heard rumours of a French expedition to the dreaded Knee Cap Island, so you might want to get painting.