Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black Powder Napoleonic game

Hello, I made it out to Heroes Headquarters in Mocksville NC for the first time to play in a Napoleonic game ran by Chuckaroobob. Several of the players planning to show bailed so it was just me and Chuckaroo till Tim C. arrived. Chuckaroo had planned for a larger game but pared it down to three brigades a side. We played using the Black Powder colonial rules. It was the second time I had played the rule set and the first time for Tim. Chuckaroo sat out the game and game mastered.

It was my first trip to a new gaming/comic shop in Mocksville NC called Heroes Headquarters. it is a nice shop in a good neighborhood. They have a selection of board games, role playing games, some Games workshop, Some Warmachine, some Malifaux and other odds and ends
Chuckaroo decided the have the Hungarians face the Germans. I chose the Hungarians. my force was divided into three brigades. The first brigade was the two regiments in the foreground. working down the line is the Cavalry brigade with a regiment of Light cavalry, A regiment of Cuirassier and a regiment of Dragoons, the last heavy brigade had two regiments of infantry, a regiment of Croatian light infantry and two batteries of Cannon. The organization may seem a bit lop sided and i would like to say it was part of my master plan but I placed the Brigades on the board as they were in the storage boxes. After deploying them and starting the game I learned that they were not in their Brigades in the boxes but I just played on.

Tim deployed the Germans. The Brigade in the fore ground has two Infantry regiments and a Cuirassier regiment. His Center brigade has his two batteries of cannon and a Light infantry Jager unit. His far brigade contained three regiments of infantry and another unit of Cuirassier.
We rolled for first turn and I won. I decided to let Tim go first. He moved forward and shot up my troops. I began to think that letting him go first may have been a bad idea.

Tim ran his Cuirassier around my flank so I formed right most flank Infantry regiment into square and waited for his Cavalry.

Tim's Jagers had moved far forward. I rolled well and my entire cavalry Brigade charged them.

Tim moved up on my far left flank and fired up my cannon.

The combat was hot and hard with the infantry giving as good as they got.

The Infantry broke and the Cavalry held the field.

With their sweeping advance the Cavalry move forward to flank the German Infantry regiment.

The German Infantry Regiment charge the Hungarian guns. the Hungarian defensive fire make the Germans pause.

The German guns move up and enfilade the Hungarian light cavalry.

The German Cuirassier charge toward the Hungarian Cuirassier. The Hungarians see the movement and counter charge the Germans. They meet in the middle.

The Hungarian Infantry regiment moves up to support the Battery. The Cannons fire grape again and with the fire from the Infantry regiment break the German infantry.

The Hungarian cavalry Brigade shaken but not broken withdraws back the the center of the battle line.

The Hungarian Infantry form up and fire into the advancing Germans. The best shooting of the game happened and the Hungarians when six hits for six shots.

That did enough wounds to break the German who retired from the field.

On the far right the threat of German cavalry removed, Hungarian Regiment in square reforms and charges the Germans. The second Regiment of the Hungarian Brigade wheels and charges the Germans in the flank. The Germans are overwhelmed, break and leave the field.

After the last round of combat we debated another turn and decided against it. The majority of my army was shaken but I still had all of my units, while Tim was down to two Regiments of Infantry, two Regiments of cavalry and both batteries of Cannon.

End game on my right flank. Of note is the lone German Cavalry unit on the left. Tim had finally managed to make a leadership roll and move them forward after missing the roll three turns in a row.

My right flank at end game.
I had a great time and hope Tim C. also enjoyed the game. One thing different about the Black Powder rules is that you don't remove models from the table until the unit is destroyed. it is different from most other games I have played but it make the game a better spectacle. It allows you to show your painted figures instead of putting them away as you take casualties. The basic game mechanics are quick to pick up and make for a faster game.
I am looking forward to the next game.


Shaun Watson said...

Looks like you guys had a good time. I had wanted to bring the Frogs but I had consumed way too much alcohol Saturday night. Did you guys make any modifications to the rules? I know there was a lot of concern over the movement rates. Hopefully I'll get in a game soon.

ColKillgore said...

I think we stayed close to the rules with little or no modification. The movement system took some getting use to but it kept the game interesting. The random movement allowed some big moves and caused some units to stand around waiting for the spiced schnapps.