Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GQ III German Convoy Attacked by Surface Raiders

Last weekend I played in a game of General Quarters Three at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures. The game was ran by Steve J, who controlled the German Supply convoy. I controlled the four German escort destroyers, while ChuckarooBob and John"Own Goal"B controlled three British destroyers each. It was a play test for the game Steve wants to run at an upcoming convention. The basic Scenario is a German supply convoy is making a run to take vital resupply parts to Norway. The convoy consisted of eight merchant ship protected by four Destroyers. Hunting the convoy was two groups of three British Destroyers each.
I neglected to take pictures during the first half of the game including the most decisive turn when I sank two of John B's destroyers with torpedoes. Then John returned the favor and earned his new nickname "Own Goal" by using torpedoes to sink one of my destroyers and his own destroyer, the last one. This left me facing Chuckaroo's three destroyers with my three.

And then it happened a moment that had to be recorded. Above Chuckaroo has ,for the first time, fired torpedoes in a naval game. He also fired from another destroyer aimed at the convoy.

A look at the table after the torpedo launches. Two of my destroyers are in the upper center of the table were all of John "Own Goal"s ships along with one of mine were sunk the turn before. My one destroyer faces Chuckaroo's destroyers to the bottom left and center bottom.
Later my destroyer cruises at full speed around the convoy to get at the British. Chuckaroos Torpedoes have claimed another merchant ship and another destroyer. The Merchant took three hits and the Destroyer was hit by all four torpedoes, giving their lives to save the convoy and their critically needed supplies.
Another exchange of gunfire and torpedoes leaves me with only one destroyer facing the remaining three British destroyers.

Then a break for me, two of Chuckaroo's destroyers leave the combat area. Heavily damaged, torpedoes expended and no working guns they return to port for repairs.
Now it is down to the last two. Chuckaroo maneuvers and I chase. Neither have any torpedoes left and both are heavily damaged.
We continue to exchange fire doing more damage to each other. The convoy also gets into the act firing up Chuckaroo's last destroyer. Finally a telling hit leaves Chuckaroo dead in the water with the convoy sailing away. My last destroyer is barely afloat, hardly faster than the convoy but still has a working gun. We call the game and the convoy makes it through.
I had a good time but the highlight of the game was ole Chuckaroo "politely" reminding John "Own Goal" B about his miscalculation in the torpedo plotting phase.


Abby said...

Yeah, baby! That's what you get for messing with the Torpedo King! Next time I gonna bring a major beat-down, no more Mr. Nice Guy!
See ya on the briney deep!

ColKillgore said...

Thats Chuckaroo, polite and respectfull all day everyday.