Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Commissar Conversions

Since I have started planning for the GameOnGw Escalation league, I have been working on several different projects related to my Imperial Guard army. One is updating some of my Rogue Trader era Commissars. Here is a trio of them. I had several armed with stormbolters but they are no longer legal upgrades so I have started to rearm them with plasma pistols and bolt pistols.
The other major change is to add powerfists to several of the Commissars. I test fitted a couple with the old RogueTrader space marine power fists but they were just too bulky. I raided the bits box and came up with a few of the old plastic Eldar powerfists. they are much slimmer and neater in my book. A downside is they all are the same so I have pinned the fist to the commissar's shoulder and have since sculpted the rest in.


sonsoftaurus said...

Cool. Look forward to cutting them down sometime!

Remember that currently only Commissar Lords and the upgrades for platoon command squads can get Power Fists - the ones for blob squads can only get power weapons.

ColKillgore said...

I have some more commisars with power weapons and a few of the oop female Commissars I plan to use for infantry squads. I have the three with powerfists for a Company Command and two Platoon Commands, plus I have a copy of Yarrick that I need to get painted someday.