Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catachan Grenade Launcher Conversion

I have been working on my 40k Catachan Imperial Guard army for a local escalation league. We have been playing 500 point games and will ramp up our lists to 750 points in the next round. I have been toying with several different lists and one requires more grenade launchers. Five more to be specific. I recently picked up a Catachan Command Squad which has one grenade launcher. I have another female Catachan Grenade Launcher to add to the ones I already use. I still needed three more. I bought a big lot of Catachans from a buddy of mine who was reinvesting in At-43 RedBlok. He had several models converted to grenade launchers using Necromunda Bits. I needed more lasgunners at the time so I broke apart the models but saved the bits. Always Save your Bits. Here is a shot of the bit in question. I believe it is from a Cawdor Heavy. back in the fabled time of bits ordering he had picked up a handful. It has one problem.
The back side has no detail. On the Cawdor heavy is sits against the model's chest so no need for detail. After test fitting to a basic Catachan, I realised that you could really see the missing detail on the back. It left a large gap in between the launcher and the basic Catachan's chest.

Here is a detail shot of what a regular grenade launcher looks like on the back.

A little green stuff later and this is what the Necromunda grenade launchers look like now.

Here are the new additions to the Catachans. The rear rank is an original Catachan Grenade Launcher on the left and a old style Catachan body with the new arms from the command squad on the right. The front rank all have the Necromunda bits with freshly sculpted details.

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