Sunday, April 17, 2011

40k league to 750 points

I managed to play four games at 500 points for the league. It left me at 1 win, no draws and 3 loses. I did refresh myself with the rules but I am still finding something new every game. We have moved into the next cycle, gaining 250 points to add to my list. I went through several lists but decided to go for more units with less upgrades. I will use this cycle to prepare for the next cycle at 1000 points. The list follows for my Catachan Imperial Guard Company Command squad 1 Flamer Senior Officer bolter Infantry platoon Platoon Command 2 Flamers Junior officer Bolter Infantry squad 1 Flamer Sergeant Bolt pistol Power weapon Commissar Bolt pistol Power Weapon Infantry Squad 1 Flamer Sergeant Bolt Pistol Power weapon Heavy Weapon Squad 3 Missile launchers Special Weapon Squad Demo Charge 2 Grenade Launchers Veteran Squad Demo Charge 1 Meltagun Sergeant Las pistol CCW 2 scout sentinels auto cannons Stormtrooper squad 2 plasmaguns Sergeant Hot shot lasgun I need to make two models with bolters and no power weapons to field the list. I dropped the power fists I had in the list because they rarely lived to swing back. I added the commissar so I can combine the squads and maybe have a chance against some of the marine assault squads. I know a couple people are going to have a 2+ save so I added a couple demo charges to at least give me a chance. I dropped the power weapon from the storm trooper sergeant and used the points else were. I went through at least five versions of the 750 list and choose this more stripped down list with more potential in later rounds. I will not be able to get any gaming in till after the Easter Holidays but maybe the weekend after that. ColKG


sonsoftaurus said...

Demo charges at 750 have the potential to be HILARIOUS. Either devastating to that marine uber-unit or crippling yourself.


ColKillgore said...

I thought about needing something in the list to go after 2+ saves. the Leman Russ and Banewolf have too much armor. a lascannon heavy weapon squad was too pricey so I settled on adding in a couple demo charges. I will have two chances to get on my opponents Uber unit or die trying.