Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sentinel Conversions

Here is another GameOnGw 40k League related project. My original plan for the league was to play my Praetorians but after determining the number of conversions I would have to accomplish to field the army I wanted, I decided to field my Catachan army instead. One problem is that all the sentinels I have assembled are either Armored sentinels or Praetorian sentinels. I wanted to field some Scout sentinels so had to build them. I had planned to do this years ago so I had the sentinels on hand. I debated whether to make them dedicated Catachan sentinels or a generic sentinel and went for generic. I save the regular sentinel pilot heads to use for someday expanding my Elysian Drop troop army so a found a few Valkyrie crew heads and used them for the pilots.
I want to be able to get multi use out of the models so I magnetized the weapons. I used 3mm magnets. A word to the wise always test polarity in the magnets. I used the first weapon to test all the hull magnets. Then after all the hulls were dried I used one to test the rest of the weapons. Right now I have multi lasers and auto cannons for all three and I may add more later. My current list calls for the autocannons so they will see the table first.
The sentinels came from different batches and had different plastic bases. I saved the plastic bases and will mount them on resin bases that I cast.
In the quest for WYSIWYG I wanted to mount smoke launchers. I tried adding them to the front or on the engine but they didn't look right. Then I decided to add them on the rear of the waist. I think they look like tail feathers and can't wait to see them painted up.

I want to do a detailed interior and didn't get them finished so I had to play my first couple league games with a proxy. I have primed the cockpits, started the painting and hope to have the interiors done before this weekend.

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