Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last two 500 point league games

I played my last two 40k league games at Heroes Hq in Mocksville. My first game was against Robert G and his Tau. His army consisted of two firewarrior squads, a kroot squad and a Stealth suit squad. We rolled a Pitched Battle and Seize Ground. The Objective roll maxed out so Five objectives. I ended up placing three of them and made the optimum placement to hold the three and be able to support each unit. Then I lost the roll for board edge and Robert thanked me for placing them so well. Robert placed his models first and spread out to cover the three objectives I placed in cover. There are objectives in the bottom of all three of the ruins.
I deployed to try and make a run for one of the Tau objectives. The missile launcher stood back to provide cover while one infantry squad advanced on the right and the platoon command advanced on the left. I held the Sentinels in reserve to out flank and the Stormtroopers to deep strike.
Robert made short work of my Platoon command but I managed to kill on of his stealth suits which broke and fled the table.
My one Infantry squad hunkered down on the only objective I would control.
I dropped the Stormtroopers into the Tau backfield and killed a few but they were burned down quickly. My sentinel arrived and charged into the Kroot squad. I manged to kill a few but they ended up destroying both sentinels. Another loss for the Catachans. I did learn to not castle up all the objectives because you don't know if your opponent will thank you for making his game easier.

The second game was against Steven J and his Orks. he had a Big mek with custom force field, two boys mobs with a nob and shootas in truck and a killa kan. We rolled pitched battle and capture and control. I placed my objective in my backfield up on a sky shield platform. I set an infantry squad with a flamer and my Platoon command with three flamers close to the objective. my plan was to sacrifice my infantry squad to get a chance to flame the Orks. I had a break when my sentinels immobilized his truck and the boyz had to foot it to the sky shield platform. Steven missed a difficult terrain roll and I managed to get a flamer shot killing several orks. The orks charged in their turn and wiped out the squad. Then my platoon command flamed the surviving orks killing all the boys and putting a wound on the Big Mek. My sentinels them shot him and took his last wound.
The doomed squad takes one for the team.
On the other side of the table the stormtroopers had advanced up and traded shots with the killa kan, losing a couple troopers but finally killing the Kan with Plasma fire. The infantry squad moved up spraying the orks with lasgun fire and doing little damage. Stevens truck fired up the stormtroopers killing the third one and they broke and ran for the table edge. The Orks came out to charge the infantry squad but came up short. Then the missile launcher hit them with three frag missiles killing most of the mob. The rest broke and ran leaving me with a win. My first one of the league.

We have moved onto the 750 point round and I hope to get some games in after Easter.



sonsoftaurus said...

Cool, sound like interesting games.

I think you do learn a lot from these smaller games, as they're not very forgiving. You can get through them fast, but you still need to be careful, even more so than normal.

ColKillgore said...

I have been relearning the rules quickly, plus picking up some of the nuances of 5th edition. In a couple of my games they were over pretty early and we ended up going through the motions. I will have more options with 750 points and hope to have a better showing.

6milphil said...

Sorry to comment off topic, but saw you'd left a comment about bamboo over on mike's blog so just wanted to mention a link to PfW @ who sell all those aquatic bits but at much better prices than local shops or Pets at Home, etc.

Good Luck!

ColKillgore said...

No problem about the off topic. I have been looking for ideas about making bamboo groves in 25/28mm to use in the Asian based pulp games I play in. I will have to look this up and put in an order.

Bryan said...

That looked like a fun game.

ColKillgore said...

Bryan, when are we going to get a couple games of Dystopian Wars In? I haven't got a force yet but want to try to game out.