Friday, December 31, 2010

Yearly Totals

Hi Kids, Well, it was a rough year for painting, but not for buying. Although my purchasing is off from prior years, it's still a sizable 781 figs. Painting came in a poor second at 252 figs. Some folks might think I have a few too many projects, too. I'm one of them. This year I bought for FoW, Nappies, TS&TF, Prehistoric Animals, Moderns, Pulp, Spanish-American War (which I insist calling SPAM), the long sought-after Rhodesian Light Infantry, and even a fistful for (Gawd help me!) Star Trek (TOS, of course). The majority of the painting were Zulus, Pulp, Animals, Moderns, and even a 25mm Torpedo Boat (although it fits in the Pulp arena).

Went to a buncha cons; Fall-In, Historicon, Siege of Augusta, Guns of August, Williamsburg Muster, Southern Front, and Spring Fever. Even MACE. Maybe someday you lot will venture more than 15 miles from home. (had to sneak that one in there)

Played some local and not-so-local games everywhere from my basement to the Cage, Charlotte to Raleigh. The Sword & The Flame, Flames of War, Moderns, Disposable Heroes, GQ3 Naval, Nappies, Chassepot & Needlegun, Pulp .45, Price of Glory, Warhammer Great War, Check Your 6 Jet Age.

Who knows what the future may bring? Anybody up for 1:1 scale Naval?

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