Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas comes to My Little World

After years of trying to find a hobby Christmas gift for me, my Inlaws hit it out of the park this year with an air compressor and airbrush set up. I have been contemplating getting an airbrush set up for years but never have. Now no excuses.

My main plan is to use it for base coating models in the color I want and not the closest color I can find in a spray can or having to use a brush and spend the extra time that involves. I am reading all the paperwork with it before I fire it up and get painting but I will get it going soon.

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sonsoftaurus said...

Looks like a nice set!

I don't have a really good indoor place I'd be comfortable using mine, so will probably wait until it's warmer to start up with mine. Plus want to get some solvent/cleaning tools and such to have on hand.