Sunday, December 12, 2010

World Largest Apocalypse Game

The guys over at the Apocalypse 40k forums are organizing the worlds largest Apocalypse game on 22Jan11. The lads in the Apoc-eclipse game club have decided to join in the fun. Matt has arranged for the club to be able to play in the game at All, Fun and Games in Cary NC. Everybody is invited.

I plan to be there and have ramped up my Contagion production. I have made a bit of progress and will post about it later. I don't know if I will be able to use all of the Plague Towers and the Contagions in the game but I plan to take them and loan them out to other people to play.

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Shaun Watson said...

I saw the notification for this on GameOn. Going to try to make it myself. Oh! You asked what I had been doing with my blogger account? I have the answer:

Be nice to get in an Apoc game. Haven't played in once since Tuna stopped running them.