Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Hobby Review

Time for my yearly hobby review.

My paint has taken a hit from too many projects syndrome. My total of finished painting is only twenty eight models this year. I have a pile of Chinese Warlord troops almost finished, a platoon of modern militia almost finished and a pile of 15mm soviet WWII troops almost finished but they are not getting finished tonight so they will go on next years book.

For Warhammer Fantasy Battle I have added to my Beastmen, Skaven and Dark Elves armies. I started the year working on my Beastman army until the eighth edition release gimped the list is was building to. Later I stared back on my Dark Elves and I am still working on them as my current fantasy army.

For Warhammer 40k I didn't really add any models but worked on my Adeptus Mechanicus imperial guard and Chaos Marine Deathguard. Two projects stared for 40k is the Nurgle Contagions and a Ork Gargant. After a set back casting the wheels for them, the Contagions have made good progress and I hope to get them fieldable for the world largest apocalypse game on January 22nd. The Gargant project is still in collections mode. I am slowly gathering parts and will get it built one day.

For Flames of War I finally finished the British Deacons that I have had since I first started playing FOW. I used them in a North Africa game and made the Germans blink. I am still adding to my Soviets and picking up some Germans to eventually make a 13th SS Handschar army. To support my planned Germans I have made a master and casted up some German half tracks. I will need a bunch of them to field a fully mechanized panzer grenadier company.

For Warmachine I picked up a few more warjacks for my Cygnar army and even played a few games.

For Disposable Heroes I added models to my Warlord Chinese and WWII Japanese. I picked up the Mare Nostrum pdf for the Italians and plan to add some more figures to my Italian Paratroopers. I painted up a bunch of the assault group African militia to act as Grom operatives in a game using the Seek out, Close with and Destroy supplement.

One thing I did do in 2010 is get in a lot more gaming. With the Catawba gamers I played Fire and Fury, Warhammer ancients English civil war, Fireball Forward WWII, The Sword and The Flame and some boardgames. I played in an Apocalypse battle organized by the The Charlotte Area Arms Race. I attended the Game-On GW gamesday at the Cage again this year. I traveled with the lads to Game Connection in Knightdale for a fun game of Price of Glory and to the Basement of heaped miniatures for Chasepot and Needlegun, .45 adventure, and General Quarters III.

Blog wise I averaged one post a week, which is what I aimed for. the most viewed post was my Lasgun conversion post followed by my Adeptus Mechanicus Conversion tutorial.

Thanks for following and I hope for another year of good gaming.

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