Sunday, December 19, 2010

Contagion Head Piece

I took a day off from work for a long weekend and made some progress on the Contagions.

I did some rough measurements and decided a three inch by three and a half inch piece of two inch foam would be the right size for the head blank on the contagion models. Once again the foam was a scrap piece I found thrown away at a construction site. the piece is a little beat up and dirty but that just adds character to a warped daemonic engine of Nurgle.
After getting the blocks cut out I roughly notched the block to over hang the hull. Then marked the block and cut out the channel for the gun to fit in. Then it was a series of cut and trim to get the blank to set how I wanted it.

After getting the blank to fit over the gun I started to cut it down into a skull shape. I left the cuts rough so that the clay will have a place to grip better when I start to sculpt it on. I also notched the head on the sides to give another place for the clay to grab.

The skull from the other side.
Now I just need to finish the other two heads and then glue them to the hulls. Before I glue them on I have to refill and sand down some of the joints on the styrene edging. Once again my method of "close enough" measuring has left some bad gaps in the edging, but I also stick to the "Who's worried about right angles and square corners on a warped Daemonic Engine anyway?"
These are going to be simple models compared to others I have seen online, but I built these to play with, to be handled by less than careful players and to survive the transport to and from the game with a minimum of breakage. I like the super detailed models and could build them that way if I wanted to but in the end, if somebody has a comment about how these look, I will worry about it when they bring three built and painted contagions to the game too.

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