Monday, December 13, 2010

Contagion Progress

I have made a bit more progress on my battery of Contagion Daemonic Engines for Apocalypse games.
I based the hull on a piece of one inch foam that I covered in thin cardboard.I then edged the hull with 7.9mm styrene angle from plastruct. The hull gun barrel is a 105mm length of 3/4 inch pvc pipe glued into a cavity carved from the hull. The trebuchet support side is made from some wooden moulding I picked up by dumpster diving at a construction site. The moulding is an off cut of some sort and not square so I ran it through a table saw to trim off the worst of the angle before I cut them to length. The center support piece is about six inches tall. It is only mocked up in the picture with a little glue. I plan to brad them together and eventually add a bit more detail.
I have all the wheels drilled out and after I glue in the dowels I use for axles I can start painting them. I haven't decided whether I will leave the wheels separate like on my plague towers or go ahead and permanently attach them.

Below is the three hulls in a group shot. I have since finished edging the hulls and now have to fill the gaps in the corners.

I still have to carve a head shape dolly for the front of all three and then sculpt the front faces. I plan to sub assemble the pieces for the three trebuchets and then attach them to the hulls. I have a couple ideas for the trebuchet sling and ammunition but need to do a test piece first. When these are finished that should have the basic models done and then leave the detailing and the painting.

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