Thursday, November 11, 2010

In The Beginning

I haven't been posting much lately but I have been getting a bit of hobby work done. I have been priming and base painting the majority of the army. As I worked i thought about how long I have been collecting dark Elves and the first models I ever bought for the army. Below is the first squad of Dark Elves I ever bought way back in 89'/90'.

These are the Dark elves that came in the fabled fantasy regiment box. The box came with 10 orcs, 10 goblins, 10 skaven, 10 dwarves, 10 wood elves and 10 dark elves all for twenty dollars. I still kick my self for not buying ten boxes but that ranks up with the three rhino tank box and the two land raider tank boxes for around twenty dollars. I still have all the models from that box except the dwarves which I traded off for something I don't remember.
The original reason for getting the Dark Elves was as followers for my Slaanesh Champion in the Slaves to Darkness campaign I was playing in at the time. They spread much pain in the service of the Dark Prince but that is another story. Later they made many appearances in various role playing games and as allies to a few other warhammer fantasy armies when you could still have allies from other armies.
I entertained the thought of stripping their paint but instead I have given them a chaos black wash and plan to touch them up and add a few details. I am also debating about leaving them with their pink helmets or not. I am still working on the paint scheme for my Dark Elves but will leave these in their old scheme no matter what. I have a dark elf sorcerer I plan to use as a level two wizard so the army is already harboring a male wizard against the Witch King's strictures against male magic users, so a band of open Slaanesh worships will really mark the army as a band of ruthless outcasts or powerful enough the ignore anything that they choose to.
I will think on it some more.


Chuckaroobob said...

Some of the first figures ever to "crab" forward! Diagonal slottabases are a curse. What was GW thinking? I've got a fistful of those guys, too.

ColKillgore said...

I wouldn't call it a curse more a style choice, atleast they rank up well. I still dig them and yesterday they survived the battle. They may have been running but atleast they had the general and a sorcerer running with them.