Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dark Elf Kin War

Here is the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game I played on 13Nov10 at the GameOnGw Games day at the Cage in High Point NC. I played Zeke whom I had meet for the first time that day. The Majority of the players were playing 40k and Zeke had only brought his Dark Elves. So I broke out the army and we rolled a scenario. I forget the scenario name but it is the one where your units may be in reserve. Zeke rolled and had his Black Guard, a dark rider unit and his shades in reserve. I rolled and had My Lvl 4 sorceress, the thirty man unit of spear men and a ten man unit of corsairs held in reserve.
Here is a picture of the starting lines. We were playing 2500 points
My List was
A Level 4 sorceress with a Sacrificial dagger using the Lore of Fire
A Level 2 sorcerer with a dispel scroll using the lore of Metal
A Master with Lifetaker as General
An Assassin with Mark of Khaine and Manbane

A unit of 20 Corsairs with Serpent Standard were the Assassin hides.
A Unit of 10 Corsairs
A unit of 10 Repeating Crossbowmen
2 Units of 6 Harpies
A unit of 5 Darkriders with Rxbs and including a musician

A unit of 7 Shades

Two Repeating Bolt throwers
Two Hydras

Zeke's list was something like this

A Sorceress lvl 4
Death Hag with Cauldron of Blood

two blocks of 25 spear men
a unit of 20 repeating crossbowmen
two units of 5 dark riders

A unit of Shades
A unit of 20 Black Guard
A unit of Cold One Knights

One Hydra

Some early game Highlights was me deploying my shades behind his Rxbowmen only to have his shade come onto the table and shoot my shades down. Then his Cold One knights failed their stupidity test and fail a charge at my troops.

The next turn I charged the Knights with one hydra and landed both units of Harpies behind them. I did some damage but we forgot the Hydra's thunder stomp attack.

My Sorceress, the spear men and the small unit of corsairs arrive on the board.

He had already shot down all but one of my Dark riders on his last turn and then he charged my Repeating Bolt thrower. Who were slaughtered and the rider over ran into the flank of the Repeating cross bowmen.

The aftermath of the hydra verses hydra fight. He had cast a spell on my hydra to reduce its initiative so his Hydra went first and he remembered to thunder stomp, which killed the hydra before it could swing.

The Dark riders win the combat and the Master, Sorcerer, and Repeating Crossbowmen flee and out run the Dark Riders, who hit the other Repeating Bolt thrower. My Sorcerer had started the game with the Repeating Both thrower but was almost killed by a spell targeted it. So He jumped to the crossbow unit for a little more survivability. The rest of the story was that Zeke's Sorceress cast another spell and miscast. The result lowered her Spell level three level and really took her out of the game.

My turn the Corsairs with the Sea Serpent Standard charge into the Cold One knights and reveal the Assassin, while a unit of harpies charge the rear of the Knights. The second unit of Harpies lands between the knights and the block of spear men to stop them from getting a flank charge on the Corsairs. When it was said and done the Knights went down.

This is the last shot of the game. Zeke had to leave so we called it a game after three turns. It looked bad but I was still in the running.
I had fun but I think that I need to get the rulebook and put it to the scientific precision. Learning the rules as i go is not the way to do it. I believe I will add the cauldron of Blood back into my list and maybe a larger unit of Repeating Crossbows or two and another unit of Spear men.

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