Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chinese Reinforcements

I have been wanting to add some dedicated light machine gunners to my warlord Chinese armies. I ordered some Finnish light machine gunners but the store was out of stock. I wanted the lathi lmgs they were armed with and decided to wait till they restocked. Several months went by and the supplier never restocked the figures. Finally I talked to the store and they agreed to replace the two packs of Finnish light machine gunners with two packs of BoltAction Partisan light machine gunners. Thanks to Chuckaroobob who picked up the figures for me at Fall In.
My original plan was to replace the Finnish heads with Adrian helmet heads from Empress miniatures. I already had the heads from the earlier order so I stuck to the plan and swapped the heads on the Partisan lmg gunners.

Here is the first conversion on the left and the original on the right. The Chinese used the Czech ZB-28 lmg that the Bren gun was based on so a Bren gun is close enough for me. It will also be accurate for later WWII and post WWII games.
The second is armed with a soviet DP lmg. It was introduced in 1927 ( I think?) so can be accurate enough for me. It is definitely accurate for WWII and later and maybe even crossover to the Spanish civil war. I always like a good multi era model.
The packs also contained a mg 42 and a man armed with a sten gun. Their weapons are a little late to be interwar (even for me,) so they have been stored for a later project.
I plan to do a head swap on the other two gunners and I also have sixteen more Pulp Miniature Chinese Warlord troops to base up and add to one platoon. Once these are done it will give me a full strength Big sword Platoon, a full strength Infantry platoon and an under strength Infantry platoon. I still want two more packs of Pulp Chinese troopers to bring the last platoon up to strength but they will have to wait till a later date.


The Belgian, said...

Eagerly waiting to see them painted!

Greets, WNAT (wargame news and terrain blog)

ColKillgore said...

I finished up the head swaps on the other two light machine gunners and should get them primed up the next warm afternoon. I thought about painting them like my chinese troops but I think I will paint them as europeans so I can double duty them for Spanish Civil War gaming.