Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dark Elf Warrior Repair

Last weekend I picked up another batch of second chance dark elf warriors. Some had seen some better days and needed a little work to get them back into shape. Among the damaged models were two missing a foot. I knew they were damaged when I got them but for the price I also knew I could fix them.

Above is the first one. I drilled out where the leg was and then bent up an armature to base the foot on. I added a roll of green stuff to the armature and then glued the other foot to the base. I formed the green stuff into a basic shape and let it cure for several hours.

I went back to the model and added a small roll of green stuff and formed it around the basic shape. I then smoothed everything out and to shape. Finally I added an indention around the base to form the sole of the boot.
It was kind of fast and loose but I doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference once I get it based and painted.

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