Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grenadier Juggernaut, Painted Old Hammer!

Hi Kids, I know everyone got the accurate impression that I have all sorts of unpainted stuff floating around.  Lots, but not all!  Here are some examples of PAINTED old minis! Now before you keel over from the shock, let me point out that I did not paint these. I commissioned our resident expert Col Kilgore himself to slap some pigment on these figs. He's a lot better at it than I am, too! First up is Grenadier's Juggernaut!  Remember the Orc rider is a 25mm fig! Back when that actually meant 25mm....  I have always dug this fig!
Back when I wanted a Lizardman army, I thought this heavyweight would be a great general!  I still think so, but I lost interest in Lizardmen were I came to the conclusion that even 15d6, taking the best 2, would not allow me to pass a Leadership test. The Orc rider is not glued on.
 Damn that flood light is bright!
His other side.  The Col told me there's a facebook page ("Old School Miniatures" )where they were blogging about this fig, and I figured I'd stick it out there for all to see.

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