Friday, November 7, 2014

Old Hammer from the Depths of the Basement of Heaped Miniatures

 Hi Kids,  Looks like there's all sorts of excitement on the web about old figs.  Of course, there's always been a certain "old figs are cool" sensation with my friends and I.  Not really sure why having figs older than college students is a good thing, but I went spelunking into the Basement to see what I could see.  Most of these are Grenadier or Citadel figs from the Goode Olde Days.
Starting out on a low note, this is far and away the most disappointing miniature I've ever owned.  Bought it brand new, and when I opened it up was so absolutely horrified at the 2-dimensional nature of the beastie I put it right back in the box and have ignored it ever since.
 Ugh.  I wonder if it's worth anything on ebay?  Primered white.

 Here we have two of the three Lead Belcher Organ Guns I own.  All still in the boxes, the one not pictured is still in the shrinkwrap. I was going to ebay it last year but never got around to it. I really dig all those Grenadier Dragons of the Month, but nowadays these dragons are about as large as a GW pony.  Most of these dragons were what, US$8.95 back in the 1980's?  That's about the same as a GW pony's price now too, come to think of it. I love the four Warg Orc chariot, always have.  I've got a painted one also, and have used it in hundreds of games back when we were gaming all the freakin' time!  Ah, those all day long 30 turn 3rd ed games were so much fun!

 A shot of assorted Grenadier box sets.  Come to think of it, if they were all that great why have I left them in the boxes for 30+ years?  Sometimes I really wonder just how slack I might be.  A hint for all my buds:  Don't answer that!
This bad boy was in the back of that last picture, but I figured as a kick-butt dragon Teronus deserved to be up close and personal!  One of these days I'm going to have to inventory my madness. All these figs were purchased brand new in local NC hobby shops or on visits to The Complete Strategist on East 33rd Street, NYC, where I'd go a couple times a year and toss cash around.  Haven't been there in a couple years now, I need to get up there and poke around again!  They probably still have some of this stuff on the shelves!

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Impcommander said...

Those are awesome ! At least for me, i like the older retro minis because i think they have a lot more artistic credibility and style. You know that the fig was made almost entirely by hand, and so their is the flair of the craftsman.