Friday, November 28, 2014

Albion Fenbeasts acquired

Due to medical issues my hobby time has taken a hit but I finally managed to add some long sought models to the collection. Back in 2001 gw ran the Dark Shadows fantasy campaign. In it you had options to field a Dark Emissary evil wizard or a Truthsayer good wizard. One thing both of them could do was summon fenbeasts to add to your army. They are sort of a swamp monster formed around a magic ogham stone. I have one of both of the wizards but I never picked up any fenbeasts, until now.

A local guy posted up a bunch of models he wanted rid off and I traded him some Dark Angel terminators for the beasts. One is missing a head but I have plenty of bits and greenstuff to fix that. Now I just have to find the two wizards in the "Closet of Doom".


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