Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grenadier War Rhinos and Wooly Mammoths! GW's quakin' in their boots!

Hi Kids, Yeah, yeah, everybody knows about the new Necromancer lad from GW. 1000 pts. US$100. I'd like to point out back in 2nd ed a Balrog was about 1500 pts.  (Or was it first ed?)  So are the Superdudes getting weaker? That's a 33% drop in combat value.  Although I've always dug the spectacular figs some outfits make, when it comes to wargaming I like playing army vs. army.  That means lots of figs.  An "army" of one superdude and a cheering section is not what I'm playing. (That also mean I loose a lot!) By the way, my first Balrog was US$3.29, back when a normal miniature was US$0.80.  Still got the damn thing floating around the Basement someplace.  Painted it with Testors Enamels, cause they were the only paints we had back then.  Maybe someday the Basement will let him float to the surface. It might be chipped but I bet it hasn't faded!  And I still have the anatomically correct male Balrog from Ral Partha, and the modified version they came out with later where they added a jockstrap to make him more politically correct. Funny. But on to our story:
Here's some shots of some more Grenadier Heavy Hitters, the War Rhino!
I've always liked the mega fauna from prehistoric times, and these things are mega in more ways than one! None of the crew are glued on, just in case they have to go rogue!  If I were smart I'd mount them with some pins so they might actually stay on longer than a few minutes...
 If one is good, more is better! After they sat in the Basement 15+ years I got motivated to field these things when Forge World came out with their Ogre Cav units.  I have one of those floating around someplace, too.
These bad boys were painted by Col Kilgore himself, when he wasn't too busy surfing at Charlie's Point or sniffing napalm.

 No motivation lasts forever, there are still a few awaiting the paintbrush. Oh yeah, that Giant is the nuclear option.  You're going to need a bigger brush.

 And while we're on the topic of Grenadier Family Atomics, here are some even Bigger Mega Fauna!  Step back!  Give 'em room!  Yeah, that's the original price tag.  US$19.19 each.  What is that nowadays, 3 space marines?  Can I still use that term?
 Another few figs.  I have one each of the Undead Legion superheavies painted up, and have used them in buckets of 3rd ed games.  In fact, now that I think about it I'm shocked the wings are still on the skeletal Dragon.  I used 5 minute epoxy on all the joints, and although that stuff is a pain in the butt it holds like nothing else can!

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DeanM said...

Very cool looking Rhino's. The Colonel did a great job on them.