Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cheap tanks for Bolt Action 28mm WWII gaming

After reading an an article on the Santa Cruz Warhammer/Historical blog about cheap tank models to use for Bolt Action WWII gaming in 28mm I went looking for some of the combat crusher models online. I found plenty but with shipping they were not as much of a deal. then a buddy of mine called and said he had found them at Wal-Mart. A quick trip to the local Wally world and I had one of each for a US$9.98 per.

German Panzer IV

American Sherman

I built both tanks to make sure all the parts were there but will take them back apart to paint them. They are not the most detailed kits but they are good enough to play a game with and the price point is hard to beat. The Panzer IV will back up my Italian Paratroopers until I get the 13th Handschar Project off of the ground. The Sherman will support my US Marines against my Japanese force and their two type 97 Chi-hi's. Now I just have to sand them down a bit to get rid of the writing and finish painting them.


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Impcommander said...

I've seen the same article, they look fairly good after completion. can't wait to see yours !