Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Combat Crusher tanks for Bolt Action and Disposable Heroes

I started on the Combat crusher tanks I picked up awhile back. I started by sanding them down to get the decals off. I didn't think about the camera until I had finished the Sherman tank

Here is the American Sherman in a good table quality paint job. I will probably go back and hit some details and clean up the road wheels a bit but it is good enough to hit a table. Beside it is a 28mm Bolt Action Soviet Rifleman to show scale. Good enough for me.

The PAnzer IV primed up

Base coat of Luftwaffe uniform WWII

Dry brush of Vallejo Sombre Grey.  It is a little clean and can use some more details but good enough for the table. Another Bolt Action 28mm Soviet Rifleman beside it for scale. Close enough for me, especially if it is the only tank on my side of the table.

The two Combat Crusher tanks painted up. I will put a few more details and a wash or two before I call them finished.


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