Sunday, October 5, 2014

Zomtober 2014 begins, sort of.

Image from Brummie's Wargaming Blog
Zomtober has returned and I am already behind, the rules are

The rules.
The rules are simple. To take part just paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by the Sunday (we use Sunday's as the end of each Zomtober week). So that means one or more minis each week on or before the 5th, 12, 19th and 26th of October. 

I should have a zombie ready today, oopps. So I have to get on the ball and do some catch up.

I picked up a box of Games Workshop Zombies earlier this year so I would be ready. Now to the hobby room to build a few zombies.



Powerposey said...

I have some zombies to paint up as well. Working on a certain campaign system for when I return to NC next year. This time it WILL happen.

Simon Quinton said...

Welcome aboard!

ColKillgore said...

I went to assemble some zombies last night and remembered I have a unit of Zombie Handgunners ready to prime. Primed them last night and painting some today. I hope to get a couple finished and painted up by Wednesday.