Friday, October 10, 2014

AD&D 1988 Ral Partha Clerics

Here are a couple more old school miniatures. These are two Clerics from 1988 Ral Partha AD&D series. I painted these up for a now defunct game store. When the shop closed the owner gave me the models that didn't sell.

I block painted these in 1992 and like I said before it shows how my painting has improved.

a rear view of the male cleric

The 1988 AD&D female cleric from Ral Partha.

rear view of same model.

If i decided to work on these I would probably give them A future/ink wash and the highlights. Threat the current paint as the base coat and go from there.


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Jon Yuengling said...

Thank you for this walk down memory lane. It is nice to see a female miniature better proportioned than most were back in the day.