Monday, October 6, 2014

Flames of War Early War team battle

Early War Flames of War at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures, this time allied French and Soviet against the Germans at 3000 point. I teamed with Chuckaroobob whom fielded the French and I fielded Soviets against Krovars Germans.

The combined French and Soviet line. We played the meeting engagement scenario so half of our forces started off board.

The German armored advance.

French at guns score three firepower tests

German artillery hits Soviet machine gunners and French at guns.

End game. The Soviet Machine gunners were decimated by machine guns and the French at guns failed to recover from the pin. It was a quick game. Two early war infantry lists against a Armored German list is just a bad match up. We deployed to cover both objectives and that left up unable to keep the one rushed by the armor. Like I said the other day I need to invest in some early war armor.


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