Friday, August 29, 2014

Zentraedi Scout Pod & Pz 2

Hi Kids,  Well, after not painting a damn thing for the past six months or so, I finally got off my butt and finished a few things!  Some time last year I dug up this Zentraedi Scout Pod, and figured 20 years of aging is enough, time to get some paint on that bad boy!  And it looks like my timing is just about right, rumor has it that the first wave of the new Robotech game are shipping to the kickstarter crowd.  For the next week or two this one pod army is probably the biggest army around here.  I don't remember who manufactured these things 20+ years ago, maybe Dark Horse?

 For no reason in particular I decided against the standard white and light blue/gray scheme and went with my Tau Mars camo scheme.  My Southern Heavy Gear sport this same look.  I mounted it on a heavy washer since I was afraid it would be top heavy without it.  It's about 3 & 1/3 inches tall, all lead. Once the kickstarter stuff is available I'll probably buy a fistful more Zentraedi.
 Also finished was this 1/56 Pz 2, although its only about 14 months old.  Picked it up from Brigade Games at Historicon 2013, although I'm not 100% sure I believe its a JTFM. I decided not to paint my Hun armor grey, so found some color pictures and picked out a nifty scheme.   My Army Stain is going bad so I went back to the basics and used Magic Sauce for the wash.  My early war Huns are coming along rather slowly, but you could say that about all my projects.

I also managed to flock the two 25mm Tiger Miniatures Spanish-American War Rough Riders I painted back in Feb or so.  You've all seen pictures of similar stuff here before, so no pic required.  That brings my total for painting to about 18 for the year.  Yikes!  Usually I'm up to around 100-500  by now!  Its been a crappy year for painting around here.  Started working on 14 Khemru slingers for Wargods of Aeygptus too.   Lets see how long it takes to get them finished.
My dog Molly relaxing next to one of the many bookcases in the homestead.  I took this picture to see if my camera was working, and it would have been a shame to delete it!  The shutter was about 1 full second, it was kinda dark!  I'm surprised it worked at all.  But then again that camera is a lot smarter than me.

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