Monday, August 11, 2014

Historicon 2014 Part Two Friday

Hi Kids,  Got some extra time so I figured I'd post some more action packed shots from the Big Show!  Brace yourselves....

 Another shot of the WI Arklow 1798 board, this time with figs!  25mm of course.
 The Gnome Wars lads have gone round the bend and ended up in the Mideast somehow.
 Don't ask questions, just enjoy!
 Two shots of a Bolt Action (the "Rules of Satan"!) board, I really like that sunken stream effect!
 A better shot of the stream.
 40mm Zulus close in!  Or could they be Bapedi?
 While farther up the table...  Nice!  At some point I'm going to have to get some river terrain.
 1:144 Aerodrome. Curse you Red Baron!
 20mm Vietnam, a convoy ambush.  If the road turns like an "L", is it still an "L" shaped ambush?
 Guntrucks!  Yeah baby!
 And the real heavy metal, an M48!  And a few ACAV tracks just for good measure!
 25mm AWI.  Maybe Valley Forge-ish.
 Meanwhile in the Philippines, Uncle Sam's boys are moving in!

 A long shot of some of the Flames of War tournament.
 The Sword and The Flame!  25mm!  The best of both worlds!
 Old West in 25mm!
 Battletech, in the immortal 1:285 scale.  All hail Ral Partha!  Neat buildings, too.  I wonder if I could use them in my upcoming Giant Stompy Robot Game?
 The famous Dave from RDU with buckets of 40mm Nappies!
 The 40mm Austrians get ready to take on all comers in Carnage and Glory!
 Speak of the devil.....
 WW2 in 25mm.  Not much happening yet....
 But it won't be long....  Those are the high-speed-low-drag French tanks!
 The Other Civil War. aka The English Civil War.  In 25mm.

The American Civil War in 25mm.

 A few shots of the 25mm Ancients Tournament!

 Gotta love that close order infantry!
 Bolt Action tournament, I guess these guys haven't realized they are Satan's Rules.
 Somebody showed up with a Grant/Lee?  Now that's hardcore!
 And Italians! 
 And another shot of my favorite board, this time in use!
 25mm French-Indian War goodness!
 And some 25mm Nappies for good measure!
 25mm Star Wars Clone Droid Wars!  Get Lucas on the phone, he's gonna be pissed!
 25mm Cog Wars!

 Hmmm.... The notes say Gnome Wars....  Looks like 25mm Italian Wars instead....

 And a long shot of the Martian Forces for a Huge Honkin' Game of "All Quiet on the Martian Front."
 Here's a few of one of the games I played, Patton vs. Pancho Villa in 1916 Mexico.  The bad guys' hacienda, complete with thick walls, lots of cover, and an escape route!
 Way on back of beyond...
 Our boys come swarming in....
And get smashed to bits by insanely bad die rolling!  I think I got 2 out of 15 activations.  "What's an activation?" you ask?   Shooting a gun.  The entire game I shot two bullets.  Killed one Mexican! IIRC the only Mexican casualty.  Our side was down about 70%  by then.  Arg!

That's about it for Friday.  Tune in soon for the weekend!

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ColKillgore said...

That is one thing on my to do list enough buildings to fill up a good sized table.