Friday, August 15, 2014

Historicon's Unsung Heroes and Hard Cash

Hi Kids,  Thought I'd do a special report on the retail aspects of the Big Show.  If there's any one reason to make the trip, its gotta be the dealer hall!  The flea market is a nice extra as well.  There's no elevated platform like at the Host in Lancaster, but I have some randon shots of the area.

Beloved by all, its Daisy of Wargames Factory, doing the "Vanna White" pose with the 25mm Leviathan available for the lowlow price of US$96 (normally $120 IIRC)!  Show special:  buy 5, get one free!  They've got an evil modified one too, for you evil types.  You know who you are.
 The long shot down one of the aisles.
 Thought this cool terrain deserved some attention.

 Another aisle.
One of my favorite places to throw money around; Brigade Games, with the dude from Company C!  Sometimes I think Lon should just use payroll deduction from me!  I've been buying his stuff since it was all Shadowforge Amazons riding Wooly Rhino's, now he's got his own ranges of cool stuff like WW1 Australians, Brits, Sikhs, Turks, vehicles!  The list goes on and on!
 I told Lon I'd make him famous.  Has it worked yet?
 Meanwhile in the flea market....

 Its not all minis.  Apparently there are lots of boardgamers around too.

 Some of this stuff is pretty hard to find!
 Monty Python would be so proud....
 Yowza!  40k Imperial Army tanks from Forgeworld, and awesome painting too!!
 "Just another flawed game for a defunct publisher" as the Chief Bitching Playtester used to say.
 WOW!  You don't see these every day, but there were two of them in the flea market this time around!  IIRC this AH game came out in about 1985, priced at an earthshattering $50.00.  (A standard game like Tobruk was about $12.00)  It'll cost you considerably more these days!


ColKillgore said...

I have one comment for this "Chuckaroobob is a river to his People1"


DeanM said...

Great looking con - thanks for the photos!