Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Historicon 2014 AAR Part One Thursday

Hi Kids,  Well, the flurry of post con reports should be over by now, so this is the perfect time to sneak in my own pictures from the Great Event in Fredericksburg, VA.  I was even smart enough to keep notes while taking the pictures, so hopefully I haven't identified any Mars Attacks games as 54mm Nappies.  Of course, I might not be smart enough to decipher my own handwriting....  Guess we'll see!
 Normandy on June 6th, 1944.  A pleasant day on the French coast. 20mm.
 The world famous Wargames Illustrated battlefield of Arklow, 1798.
 6mm Nappies, with naval support too!
 The Miniature Building Authority was out in force with their spectacular modern table!

 And they snuck in some of their middle aged stuff too.
 The Flames of War lads get to it!  The tournament had a pretty honkin' big turnout!
 The FOW army selections were varied.  American ingenuity has reached new heights with this army!
 Halktracks a-go-go for the armored forces of the USA!
 The Brits!  So tiny....
 The Nebulwulfers (no, I'm not going to look it up) are in action!  Nifty modeling!
 The madmen from outer space went way over the top with their Battlestar Galactica games. 
They have about 1000 fighter minis!
 15mm WW2, some where in the Pacific.
 Once again at least one reporter made the trip to see what the squares were doing.
 There were some awesome Pulp games, this one in 25mm (the One True Scale).

 Cannibals!  There are always cannibals!
 If you're going to do fighting sail, do FIGHTING SAIL in By God 25mm!
 I mean Honkin' HUGE!!!!
 UN convoy in trouble again...  this time taking a wrong turn in the Mideast, all in 25mm.
 You think you have enough 25mm Nappies?  You don't.
 The layout for a series of 1/285 Modern Microarmor.  Ukraine vs. Russia.  Those damn commies!
 Cotton puffs were destroyed tanks, and there were A LOT of them!
 T80's and T90's try to push around the flank but get caught in the open.
 Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!
 Heavy stuff from before the horse grew up, the Chariots!
 25mm British Civil War!  Now that's different from the English Civil War, right?
 Dropzone Commander looking good  The guy said the buildings were from "Blotz."  I wonder if that's some kind of code word.  I really dig 'em!  I might have to get some for my stompy robot/monster game!
 Arg!  Too late!  There goes the neighborhood!
 A better shot of the massive cloud of fighters in Battlestar Galactica!

Oh yeah, these guys are out of control!
 40mm Black Powder, the Bapedi Battles!  I think they're related to the Zulus.
 20mm Typhoon goes in low level to smack the hun!  Yeah, baby!  Take that!
 American Civil War.
 Sails of Glory!  One of the local lads bought some of this action!  Looking good!

40K always makes an appearance!
 Yowza!  That's a nasty piece of work!  Hold on to yer butts!
 A buncha shots of Mars.

 And the funky vehicles they use to get around the red planet.

  Back on Earth, ships sail the oceans!  Victory Under Sail!  Hey, is that grog?
 In the jungles of an uncharted island, the 25mm lads search for Amelia Earhart

 In the immortal words of my mon Indiana, "Why'd it have to be snakes?"
 Under fire in the ACW.
 Hangin with Frank Chadwick.  He insisted I take this picture.  Now stop stealing my haircut!
 The Battletech lads were out in force!
 The terrain just keeps on getting groovier!
 "Look Sarge No Charts" has made the transition to ACW, in this case 10mm.
 Gnomes & Weirdness, deep underground.
 The Battle of Camperdown!
 Carnage and Glory once again were in their own room.
 I'll take a stab at 25mm ECW.
 Terrain for an upcoming 40mm Nappie game.
 Check Your Six in the Vietnam skies!
 And last for this installment, "When Dreadnoughts Ruled the Seas."

Ok kids, that was all the shots from Thursday.

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