Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Historicon 2014 Part Three Saturday

Hi Kids,  Here we are again, checking out the next group of shots from the Big Show!  I strongly urge every gamer wannabe to attend one of the big HMGS shows!  Mark your calendars!  All these shots were from Saturday, traditionally the most popular day of the show.

Let's start off the action with a WW1 game, 25mm!  Those look like British tanks to me!  Churchill would be proud!  Its the 100 Anniversary of the Great War these days.  In the immortal words of Col. Harry Potter, "We called it the 'Great War', before we knew enough to number them."
 The X Wing lads going full throttle!
 15mm WW2.  Great looking terrain!!!
 Conan's Pulp Game:  What is best in life?  Even more spectacular terrain!
 15mm Modern Africa!  IIRC its Operation Olympic, South Africa trying to clean up the neighborhood!  I bet its the world famous Mark (of "Daddy's Little Men" fame) playing "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" modified to the modern world.
A close up of the SA Casspirs, in the thick of it as usual!
 A whole buncha shots from the Flames of War tournament!
 Mo' arty, mo' better!

 A pack of Stuarts!  Hellish numbers of machine guns!
 Uncle Joe's boys going in!
 Did some madman bring Italians?  Damn skippy!

 Grants and Matilda's vs. Panthers!!!!!  Eye-yi-yi.....   I'll telling ya, those Tiger Boys just never give up!!!  This is an action shot, look at the tape measure!
Stuarts in the snow!  Best damn tank of the war!

 When you want air support, its gotta be a Polikarpov I-153!  Accept no substitute!

 Stuka?  Stuka!  Don't tell me you ran out of I-153's....

 40mm Nappies.
 Sci-Fi, "Tomorrow's War!"  I really like the look of the armored bug.

 Two shots of the Miniature Building Authority's 20+ foot table of the modern Mideast.  I took two cause I wanted the chopper in focus.  Darn that focal length!
 Yeah, your eyes are ok; those are Gnomes out there on the battlefield!!!  Is that poison gas in the background?
 25mm Nappies.
 WW2 about to get revved up!
 The world famous Roy putting on a TSATF game of the Heroro Wars, German Southwest Africa.  His book is now published!  Go buy a copy!
 WW2.  Nifty looking setup!
 Same war, different neighborhood!  Pacific WW2 action!

 The Wargods of Eygptus crowd settles down for some mayhem!
 While the fans of Judea Ben Hurr race around the Great Circus!
 When you have your rum, sodomy, and the lash; why not do the Battle of Andros, 1696 with "Victory Under Sail!"  World domination without fuel!
 Monster Pulp!
 Gettysburg!  Really nice looking table!
 "Grand Fleet" with 1/3000.  I think.
 The Gates of Mordor.  Believe me, you really don't want to get through those gates.  Rough town.
 And in one of the board rooms, race games!
 A close up of one of the racing machines!
 When you're through with the Red Planet, keep racing!!!
 Call the Orkin man dammit!  Bugs are taking over the place!  Starship Troopers!

 Carnage and Glory with the Napster!
 Dr. Who goes skirmishing!
 Dropzone Commander!  Big setup with some awesome buildings!
 X-Wing for the galaxy!
 Later that evening, the Wargods of Eygptus are still battling it out!
And the Old West, waiting for the payrolls to come in on the stagecoach.  Seems quiet.  Too quiet.

Well that's about it for this con report.  So will we see you there next year?


Powerposey said...

Thank you for all the photos. I enjoyed looking through them.


ColKillgore said...

The I-153 rocks, and I have the same tiki head from the vsf race.