Saturday, September 6, 2014

Winston-Salem Airshow is next weekend 13-14 Sept!

Hi Kids,  Just thought I'd remind everyone BEFORE the fact, so you can all attend this year!  You can get discounted tickets at Lowe's Foods and assorted other locations, or  40% off at their website:   In the meantime, howsabout some shots of MI-24's!!!!

 Love those eyes painted on the engine intakes!  This is a Polish example.
 This one is just crying out to be put on a T-shirt!

 I heard a rumor that some state's  Air National Guard has a squadron of these things, and the best operational percentage of any MI-24 squadron anywhere in the world.  Wonder if it's true?

 Does this look like Georgia?

Thought I'd throw some awesome pictures from prior years up here just to get your blood flowing....

 Don't miss it!

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