Thursday, September 11, 2014

Progress on Chinese "Big Sword" platoon for Warlord era gaming

I have been collecting several different platoons of Chinese forces for Pulp and Interwar gaming. I last worked on  this Big Sword Platoon back in 2011. I planned to have them finished back then but it didn't work out. After talking to Chuckaroo last week about some pulp gaming I have started back on the platoon. The Platoon is organized for the Big Sword platoon from Iron Ivans Pacific supplement for Disposable Heroes. It has a command section and three fifteen man platoons. Each platoon has a light machine gun, two rifles, three sub machine guns and nine with Mauser Broom handle pistols and swords. They have allot of firepower but the majority is short ranged and they usually have to run through a bunch of bullets to put it to good use.

The majority of the models are Copplestone Dare to Die assault troops, with some Pulp Miniatures Big Sword models with rifles, a few Renegade German late War troops with Lewis guns and a Reaper Chronoscope Pilot model I want to have painted in case the I-16 attack plane gets shot down.

I want to get them to a basic table top paint scheme so I can use them in the next game. I finished up the flesh on them and need to go over the wood, webbing, and metal. They will still need a good bit more work after that but painted enough for the table.



Chris said...

Like the look of these guys, but I'm worried they may turn out to be yellow... :D

ColKillgore said...

Where would Pulp Gaming be without the Yellow Peril.