Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pirate Betrayal at Colonial House part 2

We return as the Pirates continue their assault against Colonial House to recover their treasure.

As Alex's pirates fight the British regulars, Karen's Party leaves them to their fate.

The fight begins to go badly for the British Regulars.

The Natives put several pirates down.

Chuckaroo's pirates recover and return to the fight.

As Karen's Pirates try an end run another band of native appears and attacks her party. As the British Regulars break and run into Colonial house Alex's band come around toward the Native attacking Chuckaroo's band.

Karen's Pirates proceed to show the Natives the error of their decision.

As Alex's pirates charge in Chuckaroo's grenadier pirate contemplate firing his grenade into Colonial House.

The Native's take down Chuckaroo's commander.

Karen finishes off a native band.

The Renegade charge out of Colonial House and Chuckaroo's grenadier puts both of them down.

The Native warrior moves in to attack Chuckaroo's Grenadier.

With renegade pirate behind him and native in front it looks bad for Chuckaroo's grenadier.

Karen's band charges into the remaining Native warriors.

Alex's band charges into Colonial house to help Barry's surviving pirate and finish off the regulars.

The battle rages in the Colonial House with a pirate falling.

Karen's Captain falls under the Native spears.

Alex and Barry's last pirates fall prey to the surviving British Regulars and renegade pirates.

Chuckaroo's last pirate, the grenadier makes a run for the ship and safer climes.

Karen's last pirate falls.

The Last Renegade pirate is hung, The British regulars keep the treasure and the natives eat their fill of long pig.

This is the final half of the Pirates game from the March monthly gamesday of the Catawba Gamers, in Cornelius NC at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne game shop. I controlled the Natives and John B ran the British and the Renegade while Tom gamemastered the fun. I had a good time and look forward to the next one.


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