Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forgeworld Worldeater Dreadnought progress

I have made some progress on my World Eaters. I primed up and base coated my forgeworld Worldeater Dreadnought.

I used krylon plastic Burgundy satin paint. While I was waiting for the model to dry I found a thread on TMP about the Krylon plastic paints flaking badly after a while. I am not prepared to strip it, so I will wait and see if I will have a problem. After it dried I used a Future/Chestnut ink wash. This has left it very glossy but by the time I put a few more coats of paint on it It will dull it down.
I just have to get cracking on those Berserkers.


1 comment:

sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good so far!

I would think that the future and later sealer should keep it from peeling.