Saturday, April 28, 2012

Frateris Militia Arrive

More troops for the horde.

Ebay bites me again, not in a bad way. I have a bad habit of skimming Ebay and bidding on things that are going cheap. Normally somebody else wants them more than me but every now and then I luck out and bring home a winner. Here are the Frateris Militia reinforcements. This will bring me up to sixty militia.
Of course they are no longer usable in the Sisters of Battle army but there are rumours of Chaos Cultists possibly in the new Chaos Space marine Codex. A human with a pistol and a knife is a human with a pistol and a knife and came be used for any number of other games. The biggest hope is that if GW releases a new Sisters of Battle Codex some time in the far future they may put the Fraeteris Militia back into the army, like they did with Uriah Jacobus and Kyrinov.



Impcommander said...

hmmm i've never heard of these before. Seems cool.

ColKillgore said...

A little 40k history, the Frateris Militia were a unit in the original Sisters Of Battle codex for 2nd edition 40k. They were cheap and expendable but could do some amazing things when combined with a Confessor or other character. Third edition 40k rolled around and the new Witchunter codex did away with The militia as an entry. Later GW released a White Dwarf article that added Zealots to the Witchunter codex. Not the Militia but you could use the same models to field a Zealot squad without exterminator flamers. Finally they have released the latest Sisters codex with no Militia or Zealots, but there appears to be light at the end of the wormhole.
If rumours prove to be true about the new Chaos Space Marine codex including Chaos cultists, the Frateris Militia will see the table again.


sonsoftaurus said...

For casual games I think a lot of folks wouldn't have a problem with including them.

They would make for good cultists though!

Loken said...

OMG! I have 30 Zealots I used and the Frateris Militia is the first group I painted.

Want to do a blog on the FM for Apocalypse40K?


ColKillgore said...

Hey Loken

I would like do a blog post about the FM on Apocalypse 40k.

I fielded a couple large Zealot squads back in 3rd edition. I mostly used Necromunda Redemptionists because they already had the exterminator flamers on their weapons. The FM I had before these saw more time on the table as brood brothers in my Genestaeler cult.
What kind of article would you want? Assembly and painting, History, Game play using the Zealot rules?

I am getting my Sisters of Battle army ready for a local Escalation league. I think I might try and see if the organizers will allow me to use the Zealot rules and get them back on the table.

Also Thanks for the Communications dish.