Saturday, April 14, 2012

More World Eater Badness

More World Eater work in progress

 The four Lords of Armageddon are starting to take shape. I have put all the juggernauts on resin bases and started making some conversions to the Khorne Lord to make them different.
 I chopped the axe head off of the Axe of Khorne, the model came with and used the handle to make a double headed chain spear. My plan is to equip the model with a Blood feeder Daemon weapon. a combi bolter and a plasma pistol. It may be a points sink but for Apocalypse games anything goes.
 The second Khorne lord has a fantasy Khorne champion axe added to also use as a Bloodfeeder Daemon Weapon. My plan is to add a combi bolter to this one too and use the holstered pistol to represent the plasma pistol.
I am still debating what to equip the other two Khorne Lord models with. The Bloddfeeder daemon weapon rocks but I am debating equipping one with a pair of lightning claws just for style. The fourth Lord had a power fist but I broke it off. If I field them as a unit I may need a powerfist if somebody feeds them a dreadnought or something to hold them up, but if I field them as unit leaders then the Bloodfeeder will throw out the most attacks and the skull champ in the Berserker unit can have a powerfist for anything too heavy.

Last is the Forge world World Eater Dreadnought. I have finally finished cleaning it up and assembling the parts. I also added a standard from a Defiler model with a Khorne symbol I glued on and sculpted a backing with greenstuff. Now I just need to prime it and get the painting started.



sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good! Should collect a lot of skulls!

Impcommander said...

shiny forge world dred 0_0