Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DH South Dakota Grudge Match!

It was SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! At the Basement of Heaped Miniatures and Disposable Heroes was the Game.The two thousand points of Shining Path commanded by Chuckaroo and John Boy were on the move against Our heroes fourteen hundred points of the Ultra Elite operatives of GROM commanded by me. This time the Grom operatives were in control of the former Pather mine head stronghold and were prepared to make the Pather's pay.

The GROM Colonel in his command post in the center of the complex.

The grom squad with an RPG waiting for the Pather Armor.

The Mine head with the Grom MRAPs deployed in rear security.

One group of Path arrive with their BTR-60 transport. They also had a 90mm recoiless rifle and a 35mm antiaircraft gun.

Another group from the other flak. A couple squads and another recoiless rifle and heavy machine gun.

The Pather fire and hit one of the GROM snipers four times then roll this. Three 10's and a ( so no wounds. This would set a tempo for the coming game.

Return fire from the GROM destroys a Pather recoiless rifle.

Two Pather BTR-60s roll onto the field. The lead BTR is destroyed by a MRAP .50 cal.

The destroyed BTR and the the only two passengers to survive.

The MRAP with a .50 cal and MK19 move to light up some Pathers.

A now fully loaded BTR-60 move along the board edge and fires its KPV hmg at the rear of the 6 wheel MRAP and fails to damage it.

The other surviving PTR-60 moves up behind the rocks and drops off its passengers.

The loaded BTR-60 moves up into the woods behind the mine head and deploys it two full ten man squads. They include rifle grenadiers who both shoot at the 6 wheel MRAP and fail to hurt it.

The 4 wheeled MRAP (earlier hit in the turret killing the crew) has backed up against the tower base, while the Right flank BTR moves up and uses it machine guns to try and suppress some of the GROM operatives in reinforced cover.

After concentrated fire from the MRAPs and a squad of GROM M203s the survivors in the woods mount up into BTR-60 To make an end run. As the BTR-60 leaves the woods the last GROM Operative fires his M203 and hits. The grenade penetrates the turret and kills the crewman, but the BTR keeps rolling.

As the right flank BTR backs up to load up more troops and carry them back to the Mine head for the final assault, the 6 wheel MRAP lights it up with its .50 cal and destroys it. Chuckaroo expresses his displeasure and the 6 wheel MRAP continues to rule the battlefield.

End Game. The last BTR-60 pulls up behind cover and prepares to drop it troops for the Forlorn Hope against the Mine Head. The 4 wheel MRAP moves up to the woods as the last activation of the turn and then after winning initiative then it fires the MK19 and .50 cal. Hitting the BTR-60 several times and killing the surviving crew and all the passengers.

By this time I only had a handful of GROM operatives still firing and the surviving Pathers would have to walk to the mine head. The 4 wheel Mrap was damaged but was still in the fight and the 6 wheel was still good to go. The Pathers had one rifle grenadier left that could damage the MRAPs but after failing to destroy either of them after a dozen tries during the game, we decided to call it. GROM holds the Mine head.

One highlight of the game was John Boy taking the hot dice I was using and replacing them with the cold dice he was using. All the dice were ChuckarooBob's and he sticks to the statement that they have a mind of their own. The cold dice warmed up eventually and it was back to rolling hot.

One advantage I had in the game was being able to knock out several of the Pather weapon teams and giving me a bonus to the Initiative rolls. At the end of the game I was almost guaranteed wining initiative unless they rolled a ten and I rolled a 1. I concentrated on the recoiless rifles and 35mm AA guns with my snipers early in the game to give the MRAPs a chance. Chuckaroo had taken the precaution of loading most of his squads with anti-tank rifle grenades but a combination of misses and low damage rolls left the MRAPS still rolling. On the other hand the 6 wheel MRAP hitting one BTR in the wheel and destroying it and the other one in the mantel and destroying it made my game.

I had a good time and the game was anybodies until the end. The Grudge Match proved that a lesser point force hoed up in reinforced cover and take a bunch of punishment and still hold the objective.

Until the next game



Tristan said...

What did you use to build that giant station? Is it printed on cardboard?

ColKillgore said...

It is a kit Chuckaroo bought and built. It is printed cardboard but I will have to ask Chuckaroo who made it.


Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Tristan, the mine is an old paper/cardboard kit from the mid 90's. IIRC it is from Target Games, the guys who did Warzone and Chronopia. There's another outfit called 21st Century who make similar stuff, they might still be in business. It was built by our pal Stephen.

Hi everybody else, all's I can tell you about this game is that MRAP's are an exercise in destruction!!! Why do my minis always work better for someone else? I gotta stop loaning stuff out. At the end of turn one us Pathers were already down 300+ points, 250 of which were from the loss of the BTR and it's passengers. That and my dice betraying me yet again! Oh the shame of it all! C'ya, Charles