Thursday, July 21, 2011

Historicon Report Part 2

Hi Kids, Here's the last handful of photos from Historicon 2011! Better late then never! Here we have a "Check Your 6: Jet Age" game using 1/200 planes, Israeli F-4's versus Syrian/Egyptian MiG-21's. I bought this ruleset and hope to decide what scale aircraft to use sometime this decade. Right now I'm leaning towards 1/100 or 1/144. That way they can do duty in 15mm Modern ground combat games as well.

MiG-21 launches a missile, I guess an AA-2?

The War of Northern Aggression (as some of the lads refer to it) in 25mm.

ANd you thought H-con was all about historicals!!! Here we have a Cattlecar Gizmacktoya (TM) game just getting started. If you want figs like these, you need connections! Or to show up at a major con, either one.

55 Days at Peking, the Boxers are gathering outside the international legations in China, 1900.

All sorts of Victorian Sci-Fi going on. Nifty terrain!

For those of you who look down on other scales, why not try the true "Bigs?" Looks like WW2 in 1/32 scale. You could even buy the figs and vehicles at Wally!

I big honkin' game of 15mm WW2, early in the desert. The British are awaiting the Italian onslaught from the valley to the left.

The view from the trenches, WW1 in 15mm.

Gotta love those ancients! 25mm action during one of the many tournaments. I gotta paint up some elephants, they're just too cool.

One of the temples arranged around the battlefield of the "Wargaods of Eagyptus" smackdown.

Titans approaching! the view from the temple in the previous picture. I think the big guy is about 5 inches tall. Might be why they are called "Titans."

25mm Wierd World War 2 taking place! Some kind of alien technology; walkers, jet planes, aliens, all sorts of mayhem hitting the beach defended by what looked like "normal" people. I especially liked the two flyers.

The view facing the river. The flyers are just on the other side of the buildings. Here we see a few walker combat machines pushing inland.

A close up of the flyers.

Nothing happening? It must be a game of "Carnage and Glory." Fortunately they have a room to themselves, low noise level is absolutely KEY to getting this game rolling.

25mm French Foreign Legion takes on all bad guys! Take the oasis or die trying!

Absolutely LUV this terrain! This was used in the Star Wars Jetbike races, among other things.

Another shot of the 25mm Modern game, using the 20x6 ft table. Here we have a Little Bird covering another shot down chopper.

Victorian Sci-Fi or Pulp? You make the call. I'm leaning Pulp, but there are airborne dinosaurs on the other end of the table closing in. Come to think of it, is there really a whole lot of difference? 25 years?

The Other Guys: Eureka's 25mm Stukasaurs head out to attack the airborne carrier in the previous shot. They're backing up by this jet powered blimp.

Well, kids, that's about it for this final installment of the Joys of Historicon 2011. Right now the next year's con is up in the air, as far as I know no known location, date, or director. Will H-con go the way of the dino's? Are all the slackers who never made it there just outta luck for the rest of their lives? Will some maniac step forward to organize this plethora of gaming goodness next year? It's a thankless job, No One (And I mean NO ONE) whines more than gamers, and it'll take a REAL MAN to ride herd on this con. My advice is to get off your buttocks and make it to Fall In 2011. It's not anywhere near as big, but it's a damn good con nonetheless. You can get a taste of the good life before it's too late.


ColKillgore said...

I really like the flying carrier. I might have to build one.


Colonel O'Truth said...

Looks like it was a great con! Wish I'd been there!