Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Gauntlet is Thrown!

And the Challenge is accepted.

After the last Disposable Heroes game there was some discussion about swapping the points and letting the GROM defend the Peruvian Unobtanium Mine head against the Shining Path. So Chuckaroo is getting his two thousand points of Pathers ready while I organize my fourteen hundred points of GROM.

I have started on another speed paint of my Tag Moderns to use as GROM reinforcements.

A quick view of the troops base coated. It is a quick and generic paint scheme but it doesn't pigeon hole them into any certain era. They can be used from the 60's to near future. I am still debating on picking up some more Tag soviet regulars with under slung grenade launchers to add a bit more fire power but not before the next game in a couple weeks.